Book time with the Bill of lading!

We have a number of new features added to the e-CMR. It is now possible to a dock to the Bill of lading. Returns are also now easily booking. And it's easier to read bills of lading from Excel. With these features books our customers significant time saving in the back office and in the primary process.


With docktoewijzing it is possible to a loading lock to the Bill of lading. The laadmeester can do this very easily. Drivers can then see immediately upon arrival the load lock where they can dock. They do so no longer have the truck to park and walk.



Within retail distribution and in the export of flowers there is great need for the registration of returns. For the drivers we have now made easy to administer the returns within the e-CMR app. Keeping track of euro pallets and roll cages in the supply chain now is therefore a lot easier.


Implement and create bills of lading-within 1 week to get started!

The implementation model for the digital waybill has been tightened. The lead time in the last implementations has been reduced from 1 month to 1 week. By a smart design for the data exchange, it is now possible to very quickly create bills of lading in the back office. Within a few hours we realize this for our customers. Drivers with an Android phone or tablet can then immediately paperless on path.

e-CMR in the SME innovation Top 100

Value Engineers is named one of the most innovative SMEs by Netherlands. We are in the SME innovation Top 100 of the Chamber of Commerce. With the e-CMR, we make it easy for senders, drivers and receivers to the Bill of lading digital. Not at all sexy, but it is important. Our position is that the Bill of lading money. In addition to less consumption of paper we reduce waiting times and we ensure a higher load factor.

e-CMR for TomTom Pro8275

The e-CMR app is now also available for the TomTom Bridge. Thus, we're making it even easier for transport companies and drivers to the Bill of lading digital. Also with digital signature within Transfollow.

TomTom is a major player in the FMS market. With a market share of 11% occupied TomTom Telematics the 4th place in this market. By their open, app-based structure makes it possible to easily apps to add to the work process of drivers. The e-CMR app is now so within TomTom to use by drivers. For example on the TomTom Bridge.

First experiences Refresco with digital Bill of lading

1st signature Refresco-Zandbergen


Sharon Miedema signed on 18 april of Zandbergen transport the first digital waybill of Refresco. In Bodegraven gave the employees of Partner Logistics a month long the Bill of lading electronically to the driver. Start this process yielded a number of important insights on:

  • Drivers can sign the Bill of lading faster. The average time savings for drivers is 98 seconds compared to the old paper process.
  • There is less paper. Soon a bill of lading has 6 pages. By this paperless to do there is less paper. This also saves a lot of money, a preprinted CMR soon costs 10 cents each.
  • There is no more need for physical storage. Laws and regulations requires that a bill of lading must be archived for 7 years. By this in the cloud to do is to save money and space.
  • Drivers like to work in this way. Research conducted by students of Erasmus University shows that drivers are very positive about this new way of working.
  • Having the carriers Bill of lading no longer to scan. That saves a lot of document logistics.
  • It's easier to deviations to register. When damage is it possible to add pictures right away. Immediately via email to inquire by all parties is also here time won.

Because of this, it is more efficient to work with the e-CMR. Do you want to know how much you can save with the digital waybill? Request a free trial version of the e-CMR through this link.